Engineering Services

ITS is able to provide engineering services through a partnership with SRD Engineering Ltd. These services include:

  • Consultation
    Frequently owner/users need to perform an inspection but may not know the best type of inspections to be performed. This is frequently encountered where equipment requires repairs but the extent of the damage is unknown and needs to be quantified in order for an effective repair to be performed. This can be associated with the recommendation of a repair method and then may be followed up by further inspection of the item during repair and/or when the repair is completed, this type of consultation ITS and SRD Engineering can aid in providing.
  • Condition Status and Life Expectancy
    To determine the condition of a component, inspections may be performed; but owner/users may not have the knowledge to apply or evaluate the inspection data to provide a useful life expectancy or future inspection / maintenance requirements, this is where ITS and SRD Engineering can assist.
  • Repairs or Alterations
    There are cases where owner/users know there are failed components but do not know if and how it can be repaired. This is where ITS and SRD Engineering can assist, as there are opportunities to evaluate the failed item propose a weld repair and then perform the appropriate inspections.
    • Material Selection (during a repair or alteration process)
      Recommendations regarding the selection of materials, this may include the proposal of alternative materials where the original material has been found to be inadequate or have given poor service due to corrosion / strength or fabrication limitations.
    • Welding Process (during a repair or alteration process)
      Recommendations regarding welding processes / welding consumables. Assistance regarding weld procedures can be given, in specific cases provide a weld repair procedure (there are limitations associated with the developing of welding procedures).
  • Fitness for Service
    A component of the fitness for service of pressure equipment is engineering and would provide additional resources for the work performed by the Inspector.

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